4 Common Heating Problems in the Winter

You might be having a problem with your heating system in the middle of winter, and that’s never something you want to deal with. Here, we’re covering four of the most common heating problems homeowners experience during the winter, brought to you by our experts in furnace repair here in Calgary, Rapid Furnace Repair.

Furnace Doesn’t Ignite

When you turn your furnace on, it should activate when the thermostat’s set temperature is reached. Once your thermostat relays the temperature to the ignition system, then the burners start, and the heating process starts. But if you have an issue with the ignition system, then chances are that your home isn’t going to be heated the way that it needs.

There are several reasons why your furnace might not be igniting properly. Most of the problems require that you call in a professional furnace repair technician, as DIY solutions are too dangerous for homeowners to attempt themselves.

Furnace Causing a Burning Smell

Now, when you first turn your furnace on, there might be a burning smell as it burns off the small amount of dust that’s accumulated within the system. But if that smell persists beyond the first couple of hours, then it could be caused by dirty air filters, wiring issues, or an overheated motor.

Check your air filter to ensure it’s clean and doesn’t need to be replaced. If your air filter is fine or changing it doesn’t help with the smell, then you need to shut your furnace down and call in a professional furnace repair technician.

Your Furnace is Short Cycling

On average, your furnace should cycle for approximately 10 to 15 minutes each time you start it. Now, if your furnace has developed the habit of turning off after a few minutes or even seconds, then it’s doing what’s known as “short cycling.” There are a couple of solutions to the problem, but all require calling in a furnace repair technician – sometimes, the only solution is to replace your furnace entirely.

Abnormally High Heating Bills

If you notice that your heating bill has spiked abnormally this winter season, then it’s an indication that your furnace isn’t operating at peak efficiency. Sometimes, you might have a problem with your thermostat or dirty air filters, both of which are relatively easy fixes. But you could also have a problem with the ductwork in your home, which requires that you have a furnace repair technician come out to inspect your system and find where the problems are.

If you’re noticing problems with your furnace, then you need to make a call to your local furnace repair technician. For the best service and technicians, trust Rapid Furnace Repair. Give us a call today!


Why You Need a Professional Furnace Installation

While DIY might be all the rage right now with people looking to save money by doing their home repairs and maintenance themselves, some jobs are better handled by a professional. These are usually for safety and efficiency reasons and furnace installation here in Calgary is one of those things that you should be leaving to the professionals. Here are the four most important reasons to have your furnace professionally installed in Calgary.

Benefit from Expert Knowledge

Even if you’re an experienced DIY-er, you likely don’t have much training when it comes to anything related to your furnace. A professional furnace technician has a formula that they use to determine what furnace is the right fit for your home. That’s because you need the right sized furnace for your square footage or else you might end up paying more than you should on a monthly basis.

Additionally, your furnace might wear down a lot faster or even break down completely if you don’t install the right one for your home’s size. A professional furnace technician will ensure that your furnace is installed correctly.

Specialized Equipment is Required

There’s equipment involved in furnace installation that you don’t likely have in your everyday toolbox. To get that specialized equipment, it’ll likely cost more than getting a professional furnace installation. Part of this is down to the fact that you need to cut and grind metal in order to remove the old unit; so, not only does your equipment need to be able to handle that, but you need to be able to do so safely. That’s why it’s a smart idea to leave the installation to a professional.

Furnace Technicians are Highly Skilled

When it comes down to it, furnace installation isn’t just as simple as pulling out the old unit and sliding a new one into its place. There’s a lot of work with ducts and sheet metal. And if you’re not sure what you’re doing, you could hurt yourself or cause serious problems with your furnace that could pose a safety issue or decrease its efficiency.

Guaranteed Safety Measures

You don’t just plug in a new furnace; it needs to be connected to your home’s electrical system. With a professional technician, they can back up their work with guaranteed safety measures. There’s also frequently a labour warranty associated with hiring a professional technician to install your furnace. What this means is that if something should go wrong, they’ll come back and check your furnace for free.

Furnace installation is job that’s best left to the professionals here in Calgary. They can ensure that your home stays safe and warm. Looking for a professional furnace installation? Give Rapid Furnace Repair a call today!


What are the Benefits of an Annual Furnace Inspection?

In Calgary’s cold climate, regular furnace maintenance is vital for keeping your home warm and comfortable. Annual furnace maintenance here in Calgary is something that you need to do if you want to keep your furnace running efficiently and to save you time and money in the long-term. Here’s why you need to have your furnace serviced on an annual basis.

Prevent Breakdowns

Annual furnace maintenance requires an annual furnace inspection. This ensures that your furnace continues to run at peak efficiency throughout the colder seasons. In addition, by having your furnace regularly maintained, you can catch problems before they become huge – potentially causing your furnace to break down completely.

Extends Your Furnace’s Lifespan

If you keep your furnace clean and running well, then it lasts a lot longer than you would think. Professional furnace maintenance in Calgary ensures that your furnace keeps running efficiently and catches problems before they become significant. Along with annual cleaning, your furnace is practically guaranteed to continue functioning.

But it also extends the lifespan of your furnace, which saves you money in the long-term. After all, the longer you can go without having to replace or upgrade your existing furnace is more money in your pocket!

Maintains Your Home’s Air Quality

Keeping your furnace clean and well-maintained goes a long way to helping to maintain the air quality within your home. Furnaces use air filters, which need to be changed on a regular basis – with the recommendation being that you change them out every 90 days.

Dirt and debris can build up in your furnace and on the furnace filter, which can have significant impacts on the air quality of your home. That’s a big reason why you need to have them maintained on at least an annual basis and be sure that you’re regularly changing out your filters.

There are so many benefits to having regular furnace maintenance in Calgary. All of which is necessary to keeping your furnace running perfectly, saving you money, and maintaining the air quality in your home. That’s why you need the experts at Rapid Furnace Repair. Give us a call today to book your annual furnace inspection!


3 Commonly Asked Questions About Furnace Filters

When it comes to regular furnace maintenance that you can perform yourself, replacing your furnace’s filters is at the top of the list. That’s because it’s a regular part of maintenance that can help keep your furnace running smoothly so you don’t need to call for furnace repair in Calgary. But you’ve probably got questions. That’s why Rapid Furnace Repair is answering these three commonly asked questions regarding furnace filters.

What’s the purpose of a furnace filter?

The purpose of your furnace’s filter is to remove debris and other pollutants from the air that circulates through your home’s ductwork. Furnace filters are designed to help improve your home’s indoor air quality by removing dust, pollutants, and other allergens from the air and catching them within the filter.

What kind of filter does my furnace need?

When it comes down to selecting the right filter for your furnace, the most important factor to consider is what size of filter your furnace needs. Check your furnace’s manual to make sure you know what size is needed and if there are any further recommendations – such as what type of filter to select.

Now, there are other factors that you might want to take into consideration, such as whether you have pets or allergies, which can influence your decision on which furnace filter to choose.

What materials are furnace filters made of?

Furnace filters are made from a variety of different materials, which include fiberglass, polyester, and cotton. The material chosen for the filter will affect how effectively the furnace filter is able to filter the air that flows through it. This is something you want to consider when you’re looking at furnace filters.

Now that you know a little more about this basic furnace repair in Calgary, you’re better prepared to properly maintain your furnace in the long run. If you have further questions about furnace filters, then check out Rapid Furnace Repair’s website. We have answers to all of your common furnace-related questions! Visit us online today!


What are the Differences Between Boilers and Furnaces?

It’s vital that you make the right decision on how your home is heated. There’s a lot of factors to consider when it comes to making the right call – and that includes choosing between all of the furnace companies in Calgary. That’s why Rapid Furnace Repair has created this guide on the main differences between two methods of heating your home: boilers and furnaces. Here’s what you need to know.

How does a boiler work versus a furnace?

The biggest difference between a boiler and a furnace is how they heat. To put it simply: a boiler uses hot water or steam to heat your home, whereas a furnace uses hot air. But each system operates to provide climate control is different, which is something to consider when looking at your options for heating your home.

What are the maintenance requirements of each?

Boilers require little to no maintenance, aside from an annual servicing performed by a professional boiler technician. Furnaces, however, require an annual servicing but also require that you change their filters on a monthly or quarterly basis. How often you change your furnace’s filters depends on a number of factors, including if you have allergies or pets, in which case you will want to change the filters more frequently.

Comparing, for instance, a natural gas furnace to a natural gas boiler, there are a few differences when it comes to their maintenance. That’s because these run a higher risk of producing carbon monoxide gas or springing a gas leak. Thus, it’s vitally important that you have them checked on an annual basis by a professional technician.

Pros vs Cons

Furnaces, in contrast to boilers, often cost less and are easier to install than a boiler. Given that they don’t use water in their operation, there’s a greatly decreased risk of them freezing if a power outage occurs during the winter months. However, ductwork can create a possible drafty home environment, plus there’s the fact that they require filters and can spread allergens and dust through your home.

Contrasting with a furnace’s forced air, the radiant heat from a boiler system is far more comfortable. They’re also less noisy, more energy efficient, and have better indoor air quality than a furnace. You can also, in certain cases with certain systems, use the heated water from your boiler system in other ways, such as to shower or in your dishwasher. The major downside is that a boiler system can be quite costly to have installed.

When it comes to heating your home, there is no right or wrong choice; only one that makes sense for your home and your individual needs. That’s why you need reliable furnace companies in Calgary to help you make a decision. Rapid Furnace Repair is a top choice for heating systems in Calgary. Give us a call today!


4 Frequently Asked Questions About Furnaces

Keeping your furnace running properly in Calgary is important – after all, it’s arguably one of the most important appliances in your home. If you have questions about your furnace, then you’ve come to the right place. Your local Calgary furnace company is answering four of the most frequently asked questions about furnaces.

Why is it so important to have my furnace serviced?

Annual furnace servicing is an important aspect of furnace maintenance. Before the manufacturer of your furnace can or will honour their warranty, they’ll want proof that you’ve been having your furnace properly serviced. There are a lot of advantages of having your furnace serviced regularly, which include keeping your furnace running efficiently and maintaining its durability.

When should I schedule furnace maintenance?

Generally, the majority of Calgary furnace companies recommend that you have your furnace serviced on an annual basis – at the very least. Depending on the age of your furnace, it might require further maintenance and service appointments. But you should have it serviced once a year, generally around the time that you begin to need it.

When do I know when to replace my furnace?

It can be difficult to know when to replace your furnace because there are simply so many factors involved. The standard is that a furnace requires replacement every 15 to 20 years, on average. It’s important to know that if you’re properly maintaining your furnace, then it can easily last for over ten years; while furnaces that aren’t properly maintained won’t last nearly as long.

How often do I need to change the filters in my furnace?

Your furnace comes equipped with an air filter, which plays an important role in maintaining the air quality of your home. It’s important that you replace your furnace’s filters on a regular basis – which might be more frequent if you have pets or allergies. Look at the manual for your furnace for a recommendation from your furnace’s manufacturer on how often to replace the filter.

Hopefully, these questions answered by your local Calgary furnace company have helped you. If you have further questions or concerns about your furnace, then visit Rapid Furnace Repair’s website today! We have answers to all your furnace-related questions!


What You Need to Know Before You Purchase a Furnace

Furnace installation in Calgary is a serious topic that you need to be prepared for. After all, a furnace is a big investment. It’s also an essential appliance in Calgary. That’s why you need to be prepared and do your research before you commit to a purchase. Here’s what you absolutely need to know before you purchase a furnace for installation in Calgary.

High Efficiency Saves Money

With the latest high-efficiency furnaces, you could save up to 15% off of your next fuel bill compared to older, less efficient furnaces. High-efficiency furnaces also tend to operate more quietly and are far better for the environment, as they use less energy.

Think About Air Quality

It’s essential that you think about air quality when you’re choosing a furnace and having one installed. Indoor air quality products, such as humidifiers, HRVs (heat recovery ventilators), and air purifiers and filtration systems are all helpful to have. They help with keeping your furnace working properly and keep the air you and your family breathes clean and clear. Review the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations and replace your furnace’s filters as suggested – and you should do so on a more frequent basis if you have pets or allergies!

Remember Regular Furnace Maintenance

Your furnace works hard. That’s why it requires regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly and well. It’s recommended that you have your furnace serviced on an annual basis to keep it running and extend the lifespan of your furnace. Additionally, as a part of regular maintenance, make sure that you check and change your furnace filters on a regular basis.

Choose Your Furnace Installation Company in Calgary

Choosing where to go for furnace installation in Calgary is a big decision. You want to know you have professional experts installing your furnace because it’s such a major purchase and investment when it comes to your home. That’s why you need the experts at Rapid Furnace Repair to install your furnace for you.

If you have questions or need suggestions, contact Rapid Furnace Repair today to learn more about choosing the heating system that’s right for you! Rapid Furnace Repair is one of the top companies for furnace installation in Calgary! Call us today!


What is a Furnace Emergency?

There are a couple of situations that are furnace emergencies that require 24-hour furnace repair in Calgary. That being said, it’s vital to know what is a furnace emergency, so you know when to make that essential call. Here are the top three signs of a furnace emergency.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms Alerting

If your carbon monoxide alarm begins alerting, then you’ve got a serious furnace emergency. The first thing you need to do is evacuate yourself and your family from your home, before you make a call for emergency furnace repair. That’s because carbon monoxide can be deadly and you need to remove yourself and your family from harm first and foremost.

Scent of Gas (Gas Leaks)

One of the things you want to keep an eye on, particularly if your furnace is gas-powered, is to make sure that you cannot smell gas anytime – whether your furnace is on or off. If you can smell gas, then you need to evacuate the house immediately. Once the home has been evacuated, you can make the necessary calls – including to a licensed emergency furnace repair company.

Difficulty Starting Your Furnace

While it might not seem like an emergency at first, if you’re experiencing problems with starting your furnace, that is an emergency. There could, potentially, be something very seriously wrong with your furnace that you’ll want to be repaired as soon as possible. In addition, being left without heat in the dead of winter or when there’s a surprise cold front rolling through sucks. That’s why you need emergency furnace repair when you have difficulty starting your furnace.

If you’re experiencing any of the above, then you need to call in for a 24-hour furnace repair in Calgary immediately. That’s because a serious problem with your furnace spells danger not only for your house, but for the safety and well-being of your family as well. That’s why you need Rapid Furnace Repair. Give us a call today!


What’s a Boiler?

If you’ve found yourself asking the question “what is a boiler” then you’ve come to the right place! Most people are familiar with furnaces and water heaters, which are pretty ubiquitous to the modern homeowner. However, boilers are also a common appliance that supplies heat to a home. Here, we define what a boiler is. If you find yourself in need of heating system repair, then give Rapid Furnace Repair a call today!

What’s the purpose of a boiler?

Boilers, much like furnaces, are an appliance that heats your home. They operate by heating water, which is then used to heat a space. Water is pumped through pipes and into radiators or in-floor heating. Additionally, there are what is known as “combi” boiler systems, which can also provide hot water for domestic use.

High Pressure vs Low Pressure

The most crucial difference between high and low-pressure boilers is the amounts of pressure pounds per square inch and per square inch produced by the boiler. Lower pressure boilers are generally lower maintenance, given that they operate at a lower pressure. They don’t require regular checks, only an annual inspection or repair when they begin to break down.

On the other hand, high-pressure boilers heat steam to both a higher temperature and pressure. Due to this, these appliances must be appropriately monitored. They need to be checked annual and repaired as soon as a problem presents itself.

What are the different kinds of boilers?

There are a variety of different boiler-types available on the modern market. The most common that’s installed, however, is known as a combi-boiler. These combine a water heater and central heating system into one single appliance – eliminating the need for an external hot water tank.

The other two common types of boiler available are known as system and standard boilers, respectively. System boilers don’t require an external tank, but only store hot water while the boiler carries out the heating process. Standard boilers, on the other hand, require hot and cold water tanks. Generally, standard boilers are generally recommended for older homes with existing heating and storage systems.

Hopefully, this has answered most of your questions about what a boiler is and its purpose. If you’ve got questions or have a boiler that’s in need of repair, then give Rapid Furnace Repair a call today! We’re your heating system repair experts!


Why You Need to Maintain Your Furnace

It’s crucial to keep your furnace well-maintained to run at peak efficiency. You need the right Calgary furnace company to perform your annual furnace inspections. But there are innumerable benefits to keeping your furnace well-maintained. Here are the top four reasons to maintain your furnace.

Saves You Money

Having a well-maintained furnace that runs efficiently means saving money on your energy bills. That’s because your home is being heated effectively. Plus, it comes with the bonus of not having to replace or repair your furnace frequently, saving you more money than you’d have to spend on repairs or replacements.

Prevents Breakdowns

Regular furnace maintenance means that your furnace technician can catch problems early, fixing them before they can lead to a full-fledged breakdown. If your furnace is well-maintained and inspected on an annual basis, that helps take care of problems before they occur.

Keeps You & Your Family Safe

While your furnace plays a vital role in your home – keeping it warm, especially in those brutally cold winter months – it can also be a significant hazard if it isn’t maintained correctly. Carbon monoxide, gas leaks, or breakdowns can pose a considerable risk. That’s why you need to have your furnace inspected annually to catch any problems before they can escalate to a significant health and safety hazard.

Extends Furnace Lifespan

As with any appliance, your furnace comes with an expected lifespan. However, if you keep your furnace well-maintained, it can outlast that. A well-maintained furnace can be expected to last at least 20 years – which can mean serious savings for you and your family.

Call your local Calgary furnace company today if you’ve got questions about having an annual furnace inspection. Rapid Furnace Repair is here for you in the Calgary area to help maintain and service your furnace. Give us a call today to book your appointment!