What are the Differences Between Boilers and Furnaces?

It’s vital that you make the right decision on how your home is heated. There’s a lot of factors to consider when it comes to making the right call – and that includes choosing between all of the furnace companies in Calgary. That’s why Rapid Furnace Repair has created this guide on the main differences between two methods of heating your home: boilers and furnaces. Here’s what you need to know.

How does a boiler work versus a furnace?

The biggest difference between a boiler and a furnace is how they heat. To put it simply: a boiler uses hot water or steam to heat your home, whereas a furnace uses hot air. But each system operates to provide climate control is different, which is something to consider when looking at your options for heating your home.

What are the maintenance requirements of each?

Boilers require little to no maintenance, aside from an annual servicing performed by a professional boiler technician. Furnaces, however, require an annual servicing but also require that you change their filters on a monthly or quarterly basis. How often you change your furnace’s filters depends on a number of factors, including if you have allergies or pets, in which case you will want to change the filters more frequently.

Comparing, for instance, a natural gas furnace to a natural gas boiler, there are a few differences when it comes to their maintenance. That’s because these run a higher risk of producing carbon monoxide gas or springing a gas leak. Thus, it’s vitally important that you have them checked on an annual basis by a professional technician.

Pros vs Cons

Furnaces, in contrast to boilers, often cost less and are easier to install than a boiler. Given that they don’t use water in their operation, there’s a greatly decreased risk of them freezing if a power outage occurs during the winter months. However, ductwork can create a possible drafty home environment, plus there’s the fact that they require filters and can spread allergens and dust through your home.

Contrasting with a furnace’s forced air, the radiant heat from a boiler system is far more comfortable. They’re also less noisy, more energy efficient, and have better indoor air quality than a furnace. You can also, in certain cases with certain systems, use the heated water from your boiler system in other ways, such as to shower or in your dishwasher. The major downside is that a boiler system can be quite costly to have installed.

When it comes to heating your home, there is no right or wrong choice; only one that makes sense for your home and your individual needs. That’s why you need reliable furnace companies in Calgary to help you make a decision. Rapid Furnace Repair is a top choice for heating systems in Calgary. Give us a call today!

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