What is a Furnace Emergency?

There are a couple of situations that are furnace emergencies that require 24-hour furnace repair in Calgary. That being said, it’s vital to know what is a furnace emergency, so you know when to make that essential call. Here are the top three signs of a furnace emergency.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms Alerting

If your carbon monoxide alarm begins alerting, then you’ve got a serious furnace emergency. The first thing you need to do is evacuate yourself and your family from your home, before you make a call for emergency furnace repair. That’s because carbon monoxide can be deadly and you need to remove yourself and your family from harm first and foremost.

Scent of Gas (Gas Leaks)

One of the things you want to keep an eye on, particularly if your furnace is gas-powered, is to make sure that you cannot smell gas anytime – whether your furnace is on or off. If you can smell gas, then you need to evacuate the house immediately. Once the home has been evacuated, you can make the necessary calls – including to a licensed emergency furnace repair company.

Difficulty Starting Your Furnace

While it might not seem like an emergency at first, if you’re experiencing problems with starting your furnace, that is an emergency. There could, potentially, be something very seriously wrong with your furnace that you’ll want to be repaired as soon as possible. In addition, being left without heat in the dead of winter or when there’s a surprise cold front rolling through sucks. That’s why you need emergency furnace repair when you have difficulty starting your furnace.

If you’re experiencing any of the above, then you need to call in for a 24-hour furnace repair in Calgary immediately. That’s because a serious problem with your furnace spells danger not only for your house, but for the safety and well-being of your family as well. That’s why you need Rapid Furnace Repair. Give us a call today!

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