What’s a Boiler?

If you’ve found yourself asking the question “what is a boiler” then you’ve come to the right place! Most people are familiar with furnaces and water heaters, which are pretty ubiquitous to the modern homeowner. However, boilers are also a common appliance that supplies heat to a home. Here, we define what a boiler is. If you find yourself in need of heating system repair, then give Rapid Furnace Repair a call today!

What’s the purpose of a boiler?

Boilers, much like furnaces, are an appliance that heats your home. They operate by heating water, which is then used to heat a space. Water is pumped through pipes and into radiators or in-floor heating. Additionally, there are what is known as “combi” boiler systems, which can also provide hot water for domestic use.

High Pressure vs Low Pressure

The most crucial difference between high and low-pressure boilers is the amounts of pressure pounds per square inch and per square inch produced by the boiler. Lower pressure boilers are generally lower maintenance, given that they operate at a lower pressure. They don’t require regular checks, only an annual inspection or repair when they begin to break down.

On the other hand, high-pressure boilers heat steam to both a higher temperature and pressure. Due to this, these appliances must be appropriately monitored. They need to be checked annual and repaired as soon as a problem presents itself.

What are the different kinds of boilers?

There are a variety of different boiler-types available on the modern market. The most common that’s installed, however, is known as a combi-boiler. These combine a water heater and central heating system into one single appliance – eliminating the need for an external hot water tank.

The other two common types of boiler available are known as system and standard boilers, respectively. System boilers don’t require an external tank, but only store hot water while the boiler carries out the heating process. Standard boilers, on the other hand, require hot and cold water tanks. Generally, standard boilers are generally recommended for older homes with existing heating and storage systems.

Hopefully, this has answered most of your questions about what a boiler is and its purpose. If you’ve got questions or have a boiler that’s in need of repair, then give Rapid Furnace Repair a call today! We’re your heating system repair experts!

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