How to Know When to Call for an Emergency Furnace Repair

Calgary’s winters are incredibly brutal. It’s essential to have reliable access to professional, 24 hour furnace repair Calgary. However, emergency calls do cost more. When is it safe to wait, and when is it time to call us for emergency furnace repair?

Difficulty Starting Your Furnace

Before putting in an emergency call, here are a few things you can check on when your furnace doesn’t start:

  • Check the fuse box.
  • Is the pilot light on, and is there sufficient fuel?
  • Is the filter clogged?
  • Does your thermostat need reprogramming? (It may not be kicking in if the temperature is set too low.)

Is the drain pan full of water? Empty it, and see if you can get the pump working. This may get your furnace working temporarily, but give us a call as your furnace will likely have future issues.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm Alerts

A properly functioning heating system pushes the carbon monoxide it produces through venting to the outside. Carbon monoxide is colourless and odorless, so carbon monoxide alarms are imperative. If an alert goes off, open windows. Shut off gas-powered appliances. Reset the alarm. It may stay off with fresh batteries. Perhaps it’s malfunctioning due to age. If neither is the issue, get outside, and call 911.

Then, give us a call; carbon monoxide may be attributed to a:

  • cracked heat exchanger;
  • blockage in the venting system;
  • dirty air filter obstructing air flow

Uneven Heating

Uneven heating can result from a lot of factors. Your furnace may not be the proper size. Leaking ductwork and insufficient home insulation can be problems, too. Also, furnaces lose efficiency over time. If your unit is 10 years or older, it may be time to make an appointment during regular hours to talk about repairs versus replacement.

Gas Leaks

Are you smelling an odor like rotten eggs? Are you, pets, or family members nauseous and suddenly fatigued? Leave home immediately. Leave doors open, and don’t turn light switches on or off. Call the gas company and 911 to check the leak — better safe than sorry. When the leak is resolved, give us a call.

Remember to change out your furnace filter regularly to keep the system’s air flow moving. Make an annual furnace tune-up appointment to find potential problems before they turn hazardous. However, when you need 24 hour furnace repair in Calgary, Rapid Furnace Repair is ready to take your call.

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