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Boiler Repair & Installation

Rapid Furnace Repair is your full-service contractor in Edmonton. We provide boiler repair and installation services at an affordable cost. You can count on us to keep your home warm this winter. We are Bringing you top-quality workmanship, the best service, and the lowest prices.  

Boiler Repair & Installation​

Rapid Furnace Repair is your full-service contractor in Calgary. We provide boiler repair and installation services at an affordable cost. You can count on us to keep your home warm this winter. We are Bringing you top-quality workmanship, the best service, and the lowest prices.  

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As a Boiler repair & installation company based in Edmonton, we will make sure that we will take care of, especially during the winter. We continue to strive for the absolute best and guarantee our service to provide an unbeatable process! We provide 24-hour Emergency Service and our skilled technicians provide Boiler maintenance and repair services at an affordable price. We are just one call away. 

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Affordable Boiler Repair and Installation Service

Let the professionals at Rapid Furnace Repair put their years of experience to work for you! 


Boilers are rarely noticed until they’ve stopped working altogether. By the time the Boiler caught your attention, everything may be too late. Instead of a quick boiler repair service, you may have to buy a new boiler – which is expensive. If your Boiler shows the following symptoms, then it’s time to call your trusted boiler repair specialist, Rapid Furnace Repair.

  • Banging, rattling, and other strange noises
  • Low water pressure or pressure fluctuations
  • Pilot light regularly extinguishes.
  • Presence of leaks, drips, or condensation
  • Insufficient water heat
Boiler Replacement Service

Replacing your Boiler can save you time and money on further costly repairs in the future.

We know that the boiler problem is not minor complications that result in a single issue. A broken boiler can not only result in cold showers but also freezing home temperatures. That’s why our company always go the extra mile so that your Boiler is up and running again at the fastest possible time. Once you call us, our highly qualified engineers will begin working on finding the most cost-effective solution to your problem. It doesn’t matter what brand you have. Rest assured, you have the best team working on the job. See the Boiler repair company we recommend in Edmonton- Rapid Furnace Repair

There is a debate about the boilers is whether a boiler repair or replace is the one to choose. Do you spend hundreds of pounds on boiler repairs as each part of your system begins to fail, or do you replace the Boiler with new one?

We’d always recommend a Boiler replacement as continuously repairing your Boiler’s parts can work out more expensive.

Boiler Replacement Cost

New Boiler replacements from Rapid Furnace Repair is a great investment. you can expect a price that is affordable and fair. In return, you will get a quality boiler that you can start using immediately.

Call Us for Boiler Installation Service Right Now

Ready to upgrade to a high-efficiency boiler? Need to replace your broken-down boiler? No matter why you need new boiler installation, we can help. Rapid Furnace Repair is your convenient one-stop shop for boiler installation and repair in Edmonton! Our experts can provide you with all the information you require to choose the ideal boiler heating system, ensuring you get the best quality boiler installation. At Rapid Furnace Repair, we’re qualified to install the most efficient boilers on the market today—if you’re ready to heat your home for less, call today for more information!

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With many years of happy customers, read what makes us great – straight from our customers, here: 

Prompt and excellent service. Estimates and costs were right on the money and lower than all the rest of the estimates I received. The techs were very knowledgeable, and the quality was excellent. I would recommend them to anyone else, and I would not hesitate to call them again.


I had an excellent experience. When asked, they provided us with information on different types of furnace prices and the best choices for our needs. They were very professional.

Jeff Gordon

Great service, great people. Highly recommend dealing with Rapid Furnace Repair

Sean Shore

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Frequently Asked Questions

Read our FAQ to learn the answers to common questions we receive about boiler repair and installation in Edmonton.

How do you know when the time for a Boiler Replacement is? Here are a few ways to tell:  

  • Is your boiler leaking?  
  • Can you hear strange gurgling noises?  
  • Do you have low pressure?  
  • Do you have thermostat issues on regular basis? 

If you answer yes to any of the above questions, you have serious boiler problems, you should start thinking about investing in a boiler replacement. 

Small problems can develop into larger ones, so it’s important to call in an expert when you notice anything out of the ordinary. It should be considered a warning sign when your boiler stops producing as much hot water, or can’t seem to heat water as fast as it could previously. Even if you don’t notice any problems, you can avoid serious ones by scheduling general maintenance at least once per year. 

This is a common problem that could be caused by many different malfunctions. It may be that it isn’t getting enough power, or that one of the parts has stopped working as intended. More serious damage may be possible if problems are ignored. 

Whenever possible, our techs will attempt to repair your unit so that you can continue to enjoy its use. Boilers are typically very sturdy, and years of experience means we have a lot of insight when it comes to finding and diagnosing any problems that might occur. 

All of our Technicians are fully licensed trained professionals.

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