How to Use Your HRV System Throughout the Year

How to Use Your HRV System Throughout the Year

Keeping Your Home Comfy 

Winter’s approaching, and when it arrives in Calgary, you’re going to feel it. If somebody leaves a door open too long, everyone in the house will know. Windows, doors, and any other area where heat could escape are to be kept closed and this is no time to delay your water heater repair. The same is true in the height of summer: you keep everything buttoned up so the cold won’t get out. 

Ultimately, you’re looking to design a sort of “microclimate” in your home that you maintain: you circulate air internally as needed. Finding a reliable water heater is recommended, but you’ve got to keep such heaters maintained, and that could mean simultaneously securing water heater repair in Calgary. Regardless of how you go about it, here we’ll explore some best practices in managing the internal atmosphere of your home. 

HRV Best Practices in Fall or Winter 

HRV stands for “Heating Recovery Ventilator”. During fall and winter, HRV systems provide homeowners with diverse and effective control of internal air quality. Excess moisture can be removed so window condensation is no longer an issue, and unwanted odours can also be eliminated. There are a few ways to manage your HRV system for best results, avoiding the need for water heater repair in Calgary. 

First, assure systems are set between 25% and 50% in accordance with exterior temperatures to manage condensation. 50% represents maximum relative humidity indoors if exterior temperatures are between -11 C and 18 C. Humidity levels should be around 25% when exterior temperatures are -30 C or less. 

Spring and Summer HRV Use 

When things get hot, and the thermometer reads 18 C or higher consistently, it’s a good idea to set the system at 100%. Otherwise, to keep internal temperatures comfortable and reduce the need for water heater repair in Calgary, at such temperatures it’s often recommendable to simply turn the system off. Should things start to smell or get stuffy, then that’s the time to turn HRV back on–also, assure you activate the bathroom fan. 

Final Considerations 

Sometimes, you’ll need water heater repair in Calgary even if you’re doing everything right. Alternatively, you might be able to go years without an issue regardless of how you use HRV technology. Still, even in such situations, you’ll want to have interval checkups. To keep your home’s climate control systems at their best, please do not hesitate to call Rapid Furnace Repair; we’re here to help!