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6 Common Winter HVAC Problems ​

The winter may be the most highly dynamic environment of the year, or the Winter Wonderland, as the lyrics say, but it may be hard on your HVAC system. Common HVAC issues may cause chaos in your house, requiring expensive repairs from a furnace repairman or just making it too chilly to live in!   

Table of Content-  
  • Introduction  
  • Dirty Air Filters  
  • Uneven Heating  
  • Broken Thermostat  
  • Heat Pump Won’t Turn On  
  • Frozen Pipes  
  • Pilot Light Problems  
  • Conclusion  

Fortunately, to avoid the most frequent issues, keep a close eye out for such warning signals so you can be sure your HVAC system will warm you up during the long winter evenings. 

Dirty Air Filters

A dirty air filter may be at fault if you notice reduced airflow or air that doesn’t heat properly. Dirty air filters may quickly collect dirt and grime, restricting airflow and putting additional pressure on your heating and cooling systems. Changing your filter on a routine basis is the simplest method to avoid this. Set a calendar reminder once a month to extend the system’s life and maintain optimal airflow. Make sure each of your air vents has been open on a more fundamental level!  

Uneven Heating

You’re probably dealing with uneven heating if certain parts of your home never warm up, no matter how high the thermostat is. These are around windows or doors that allow chilly winter airflow or drafts that cause your heating system to lose its balance. If you believe this is true, you may need to have professional maintenance done on your ductwork to ensure that it remains in excellent working condition. 

Broken Thermostat

Thermostat malfunctions are common. The majority of the time, it’s a simple remedy. However, thermostats must be re-calibrated regularly, which may be a problem. A broken thermostat may also be due to bad wiring, and occasionally it’s simply the batteries! A damaged or defective thermostat may easily create temperature swings in your house, which can cost you money in the form of electric or gas bills. Still, thankfully, there’s nothing amiss with your HVAC system- only the control system! 

Heat Pump Won’t Turn On

When the temperature lowers, the heat pump in your system may not be able to keep up. The fans and coils within your outdoor unit must be free of ice, or they will freeze, and sooner or later, you will, too! Heat pumps often fail to defrost throughout the winter, resulting in frost layers that ultimately cause a failure. That’s why it’s essential to get your system inspected by qualified HVAC professionals before the winter arrives. This is avoidable, but once it’s frozen solid, it’s much more difficult to repair! 

Frozen Pipes

When your HVAC coils freeze, the pressure causes them to break, causing floods or damage. If this occurs, you’ll want to cut off your water and call for help right away! 

Pilot Light Problems

When the pilot light is on, some heaters will only slightly ignite. For easy access to the heating system, keep the blue flame burning at all times. If you notice that it isn’t burning brightly enough, you’ll probably also realize that your house is freezing! A dirty or broken flame sensor is the most common cause of a pilot light issue. To discard such an option, it’s a good idea to clean the sensor first. If the problem continues, you should seek expert help!  


Throughout the winter, there’s nothing nicer than a warm home! But, on the other hand, heating issues may transform your home into an ice castle in no time! So, keep an eye on your heating unit for heating system repair throughout the year. So, you can stay warm throughout the winter as Rapid Furnace Repair is here to help!