Yearly furnace inspections will give you peace of mind

3 Indicators of Furnace Repair Service

The furnace in your home is something you may n0ot think about much until it breaks down, but it is still very important. If your furnace isn’t working properly, it could have a big impact on your home, especially during the cold winter months when you really need it. 

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  • Overview 
  • Age 
  • Weird Noises 
  • You See the Wrong Color 

So, if you’re looking for furnace service in Calgary, don’t wait. Instead, get furnace repair as quickly as possible from a legitimate company like Rapid Furnace Repair. You don’t want a major repair to turn into a minor one. 

How do you know whether your furnace requires maintenance? You should be aware of a few key warning signs that indicate whether your furnace needs to be repaired. 


A furnace has an average lifespan of 18 years, but, like an older automobile, if it sees more usage than the typical house, it will need repairs sooner or later. Also, just like an older automobile with a lot of miles on it, your furnace will require more maintenance after it reaches the age of 15 years. It’s especially true if the furnace has had to be repaired several times in recent years. 

When you spend a lot of money on repairs, much like when you buy a car, you want to make sure they work well because if they don’t, you’re either supporting a dying entity or even causing more difficulties. If you don’t get your furnace serviced as quickly as you’d like, you’ll find that buying a new furnace is less expensive than continuing to maintain your old one. So, proceed with caution. 

You’ll prolong the life of your furnace in addition to improving its overall quality by having it serviced and maintained properly. You’ll also save a lot of money due to the reduced need for future maintenance and greater energy efficiency. 

Weird Noises 

It is a red sign if the furnace makes strange noises like rattling, slamming, or popping. If you hear a noise and your furnace is blowing chilly air, contact your HVAC professional immediately. 

You must address these concerns as early as you can since they might be harmful. For example, noise and chilly air might alert you that your furnace is about to shut down, leaving you without heat or, worse, bursting, causing property damage and personal injury. Contact a professional right away to get an evaluation of the repairs that are required. You should not live in your house until the problem is resolved, depending on the situation. 

You See the Wrong Colors 

The flame in the furnace should be blue rather than yellow. The fuel isn’t burning properly or efficiently if the flame is yellow. Worse, it could mean your furnace is emitting carbon monoxide, putting your family’s health at risk. 

If the flame isn’t blue, whether it’s yellow or not, you’ve got a severe problem. Carbon monoxide poisoning and gas leaks are both dangerous. Playing games or messing around in any form is not a good idea. Simply leave your home, and your gas will turn off right away. Before you return your house, have an HVAC specialist inspect the furnace to see what has to do to fix it. 

It’s not worth endangering your life to save a few bucks. Because it’s vital to hire a furnace repairman you’ve evaluated and can trust, you should take the safe way and have the repairs advised to you.